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Huibers Hout: Where Craftsmanship and Sustainability Converge

Since 2007, Huibers Houthandel BV, founded by Roy Huibers, formerly known as Robeda, has been synonymous with precision and passion in woodworking. What began as a focus on construction projects quickly evolved into a full-fledged sawmill, timber trading, and woodworking center. 

With advanced CNC-controlled machines like the Mebor 1300 Super Profi Plus, we deliver uncompromising quality. Our expertise extends to sawing logs with a diameter of up to 1300mm and lengths of up to 12 meters, boasting an impressive daily production of 80m3 of wood.

At Huibers Hout, communication is paramount, and transparency is our promise. Our quotes are clear and without hidden costs, and we strive for swift responses to provide clarity to all our customers.

Offering an array of woods including douglas, larch, oak, and more, we provide tailored solutions for every project. Whether it’s standard dimensions or unique requirements, our extensive machinery can handle it all, with a focus on sustainability and CO2-neutrality.

Our passion for wood continues to grow with our new facility in Wieringerwerf, North Holland, the Netherlands. With more space and opportunities, we will further expand our capabilities while remaining true to our mission: delivering the highest quality at fair prices.

Follow us on our website for updates on our relocation and stay informed about the latest news in the world of woodworking. Huibers Wood Trading Ltd., where craftsmanship and sustainability converge for every project.

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